Breakout 2017 has ended
Breakout 2017 is offering a ton of events for you to participate in! No experience necessary. All materials will be provided. This is a great chance to try a game for the first time, test out a new system or sign up for an old favourite! 

Events at Breakout 2017 require an admission pass for the day of the event. Admission passes can be purchased in advance on the Breakout website or on the day of at the convention. Signing up for an event and not purchasing a pass will result in your seat being assigned to another attendee.

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Lyndon Darrah

North York
My name is Lyndon, and I am a giant. Not literally, but im 6' 7" so I'm close enough. I work weird hours so I don't exactly have a regular gaming group. My friends play in the evening, and finding a running game that happens at 9am is difficult even in this multi-timezoned world we live in.

I mostly play 5th edition now, but I still play some Pathfinder whenever I can. I really want to get into Shadowrun but I don't know where to start and none of my friends who will be at Breakout want to play it.

Really looking forward to the Adventure League games, I've got some great characters lined up that will make any game I'm in memorable... or so I hope.