Breakout 2017 has ended
Breakout 2017 is offering a ton of events for you to participate in! No experience necessary. All materials will be provided. This is a great chance to try a game for the first time, test out a new system or sign up for an old favourite! 

Events at Breakout 2017 require an admission pass for the day of the event. Admission passes can be purchased in advance on the Breakout website or on the day of at the convention. Signing up for an event and not purchasing a pass will result in your seat being assigned to another attendee.

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Chris Tihor

Ironic Iconic Studios
Writer/Game Designer
Ironic Iconic Studios was founded 2003 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by Chris Tihor and has been making games ever since. Their clients include Harebrained Schemes, Tap Tap Tap, Paper Machete Games and GameHouse Canada. In 2016 they moved to Toronto, Ontario as a part of a very slow cross-country tour. That year also marked the launch of their first in-house video game: Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot. More information on this & future Mandatory Upgrade projects including a tabletop RPG can be found at mandatoryupgrade.com.